At first sight typically the answer seems very obvious? these are less expensive. And of program that may be true. But in fact Eastern European hair is not that much more expensive? typically the amount necessary to be able to produce a good wig is about 30-50 UNITED STATES DOLLAR in Poland or Czech Republic. Of which is not a lot of money if you are usually going to spend several hundred money on a wig. Therefore what is the catch?

The problem will be around the supply aspect. You can find over two billion people in Asia and simply 200 million inside Eastern Europe. The majority of of people in Eastern Europe do not have to sell their particular hair for financial reasons. Moreover, I don? t possess to emphasize exactly how rare it is in rich Western European countries in order to sell one? t hair. That will be why is European curly hair rare and describes why local wig-makers purchase only the particular amount essential for their own production. Outside of Eastern Europe, because of its rarity, the price of the most effective European hair (so called? raw virgin hair? ) is shooting upwards.

Hence 99% associated with human hair wigs are made associated with Asian hair. This specific hair is marked by such industry names as? individual hair? or? remy hair?. If typically the producer or a revenue person does not necessarily state directly that will the hair is usually exclusively European, a person can be totally sure that you usually are dealing with Hard anodized cookware hair.

Asian hair is by nature extremely dim (black), extremely straight and heavier than European curly hair. Controlled by a complicated process of a pigmentation removal, the hair looses its organic shine and strength. Before it lastly grows to you this will be dyed several times using synthetic chemical goods, which no 1 would use for color their own tresses. Such a hair tends to show a new ting of a new dark or red color. This is why it has to be coloured several times plus go through a new bleaching process. That will way any shade can be obtained, but hair framework gets damaged during the process. It is not pleasant to the touch anymore in addition to even after since little as 20 or so weeks it will loose its glow and become boring.

Another issue worries the manner where the hair is obtained. It is not really planned from the start along with the thought regarding creating wigs. Curly hair is cut inside random hair hair salons and spas. Part of the hair likewise arises from ritual events of cutting of the hair as a sign regarding entering into legalis homo. Such hair in the fervor of the ceremony comes to the floor and is gathered coming from there and positioned in a excellent pile. In the process the tresses is turned towards and opposite to each of its hair strands and not layered in the similar direction. Although it may not appear so at very first, this may change the particular fundamental significance in the quality of your wig.

Every strand of hair contains a coarse cuticle, which usually clings to the particular cuticle of the particular neighboring hair when they are layered in the opposite path. In effect hair is usually twisting and intertwining in to a hair clump so hard to comb out. The just method for solving this problem will be to completely eliminate the natural cuticle, which is after that replaced with a si one that gives the hair its sparkle. It is a new brutal and harmful process? such the wig will sustain its sheen no longer than for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. After that time hair becomes boring and unattractive.

The best Asian hair arises from India and Pakistan. In reality, it is not necessarily much better than hair described over. The advantage is hair is fewer stiff and may possibly have a natural tendency to through slight waves. For that reason, several producers claim of which they have the same qualities as Western hair, that is not real.

If only there have been more Eastern Europeans, life of wig-makers and their customers will be simpler, heh?

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